Apricot Kernel Oil 100% Pure Organic ~ cold pressed & unrefined ~ for mature and sensitive skin ~ Prunus Armeniaca ~ Carrier Oil

Petal & Stem

The Apricot tree is Native to Asia.  It blooms white and pink flowers with an orange-yellow fruit and grows to about 35 feet tall 

*************All ORGANIC************* 
Properties /  
Origin: South Europe 
Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca 
Method: Cold Pressed 
Aroma: Mild nutty 
Colour: Pale to golden yellow 
Absorption: Absorbs easily into skin 

Benefits / 

*Gentle oil suitable for massage oil for all generations and skin types 

*Used in Aromatherapy for mature & dry skin (make Serum with Rose Hip Oil and Evening Primrose Oil) 

*Purifies and cleanses 


Shelf Life / 1-2 years (store in a cool and dry place, ideally refrigerated) 

Ingredients / high proportion of oleic acid (up to 65%), linoleic acid (up to 30%), palmitic and stearic acid and the vitamins A, B and E 
Free from / allergens, GMO, pesticidesfungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, preservation, animal testing 

*************All ORGANIC************* 

Note// "Natural" has no regulations nor proof that it is organic. Please consider only the best for your skin and body! 

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