Hippie Essential Oil Bag, Travel Bag Set, Cosmetic Cotton Bag, Holiday Gift, Gift for Her

Petal & Stem

Hippie Essential Oil Bag, Cotton Zipper Pouch, Travel Bag Set, Cosmetic Cotton Bag, Makeup Bag, Toiletry Bag, Holiday Gift, Gift for Her

LIMITED EDITION! The striking colours against the black background and swirling flower like patterns leave me feeling high on life. I hope they do you!

Great sizes to toss in your handbag or take in your carry on luggage when flying away on an adventure.

Handmade in Portugal with 100% cotton.
Get both as a set OR choose one of the sizes below.

This size is easy to find in your handbag meaning no more searching for your essential oil bottles at the bottom of your purse. They are great for little gifts, incentives for your Essential Oil business or just for pretty much any occasion.

Approx. ‰ÛÒ 4.75 in (12cm) length X 4 in (10cm) height X 1.25 in (3cm) width (at the bottom)
Holds 4 x 15ml bottles and 5 x 10ml Roller-bottles or any other combination.

Good news guys! Your bag is a jack of all trades. You can use it for whatever the heck you want… cosmetics, paint brushes, coloring pencils, lipsticks, jars, snacks. Whatever you like!
Approx. - 8 in (20cm) length / 6 in (15cm) height / 2 in (5cm) width (at the bottom)
 I hold the record for 15 x 15ml bottles squeezed into mine!

See drop down to get a match made in heaven and a reduced combination price.


The bags are: Handmade with Love.

If you are curious how and where to buy high-quality essential oils send me a note or go to my blog: www.petalandstemblog.com.
Happy to answer any questions!

Thank you for visiting. We really appreciate it!
Katrin & Team

P.S. Oils are not included. Please note that pattern appearance, zipper or lining colour may vary from the photograph - it's like a lucky dip!

P.P.S. Please don't allow location to stop you from ordering. Most our orders are placed from the USA and Australia with cheap shipping prices and a secure tracking system.

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