Massage Oil | Relax | 50-500ml

Petal and Stem Europe

When it comes to trying to relax in the afternoon, evening or the weekend this is my to-go Massage Oil mix.

I actually use it on occasion as a full body oil. Days can get stressful especially when you have kids.

Treat yourself to a massage and bring this massage oil with you or ask your partner to give a 10minute foot or hand massage.

Touch in combination with therapeutic essential oils does wonders!

Lavender in combination with Vetiver and Frankincense help you to deeply relax your senses and muscles. The beautiful scent of Rose-Geranium lets you let go of heaviness while Sweet Orange serves as an additional relaxant agent but also creates positive thoughts.

Breathe in 3x deeply and let go. Slowly...And even it is only for a few minutes.

~Love Katrin

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