Nebulizer Microparticles Diffuser up to 120 m2 (approx. 1200 sqft)

Petal and Stem Europe

Nebulizer Diffuser (without water)

This beautiful diffuser preserves the therapeutic properties of essential oils by diffusing with microparticles without any heat and water. 
The essential oil bottles (single and blend bottles) are screwed onto the head of the diffuser.

Duration of the diffusion: 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds 
Duration of the standby: 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds 
Automatic shut-off system after: 30, 60, 120 min. Or non-stop.
Diffusion system: Cold Diffusion 
Surface area: Up to 120 m2 (approx. 1200 sqft)
Power Rating: 3W 
Dimensions: Height: 13,5 cm Width: 11,5 cm Depth: 6 cm 

Work with 15g and 5g bottles. The diffuser comes in a cardboard box with a 100-240 V adapter, a USB cable and a manual.

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