Deo Spray 75ml - Organic and Vegan - Benecos

Petal and Stem

This organic and vegan Deodorant from Benecos has a refreshing effect and lets the skin breathe.

Its mild formulation consists, among other things, of 7 organic extracts and is completely free from aluminum salts.

7 organic extracts from:

  • burdock
  • small-leavedåÊlime
  • marigold
  • rosehip
  • black elderberry
  • St. John's wort
  • nettle
In addition:
  • free from aluminium salts
  • lets the skin breathe
  • With 7 organic extracts
  • Vegan

Contains: 75ml

~ Love Katrin

Organic and Vegan Deo Spray. Deo Spray para Homem ~ 75ml