Organic Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil

Petal and Stem

This delicious skin, massage, hair repair  & facial Vanilla Oil should not be missing in your beauty product line!

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron.  Because of the high price, an estimated 95% of "vanilla" products are artificially flavored.

Not at Petal & Stem!

Our organic, true Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil is most likely one of the most sensual smelling body and facial oils out there. You open the bottle, close your eyes and be carried away to a very calming place for as long as you wish!

100% Pure & Organic, Infused under the beautiful sun in Portugal!

Organic Vanilla Bean (Vanilla planifolia): It is not only one of the most beautiful scents in the world, it also has amazing antioxidant properties. It improves hair growth, speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, and is helpful in treating acne. In addition, it protects your body from harmful toxins and free radicals.

Organic cold pressed Jojoba Wax (oil): Referred to as the ‘Gold of the Desert’ jojoba oil is cold pressed from the beans of the shrub-like plant.  It is not a true oil but a liquid wax which closely resembles our skin’s own natural sebum (oil) allowing it to penetrate deeply into your skin. 

Benefits / 

*Suitable for natural skin care, aromatherapy, and massage - must NOT be taken internally 

*Rich in E and B vitamins eliminating free radicals which cause aging 

*Highly anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which aids in fighting dandruff 

*Anti-oxidant which is highly stable does not go rancid and can extend the shelf life of other oils 

*Natural sun protection of SPF 3-4 

*Ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin 

The Only Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil infused with Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

Shelf Life / Indefinite shelf life (store in a cool and dry place, ideally refrigerated) 

Ingredients / linoleic acid (5%), oleic acid (5-15%)  

Free from / allergens, GMO, pesticidesfungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, preservation, animal testing 

*************All ORGANIC************* 

Note// "Natural" has no regulations nor proof that it is organic. Please consider only the best for your skin and body! 

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