Vegan Nail Polish - flamingo

Petal and Stem

This color of Vegan Nail Polish is: sharp rose - 9ml

The benecos nail polish is available in an array of trendy colours all of which are without harmful formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates and camphor.

Beneco's HAPPY NAILS green beauty & care nail polishes convince with their good drying time, brilliant shine and easy application properties. For an extra-care kick we have enriched them with avocado and biotin. The ease of use and the polish properties are comparable to any other nail polish.
How to apply:

Achieve flawless looking nails by first shaping them with a nail file and removing any excess skin around the cuticle. Soak the hands in soapy water or use an oil-free nail polish remover to get rid of any greasiness. Then apply the nail polish and let it dry fully. Do not use a blow-dryer to dry the nails. Hold hands under cold water for a few seconds to set the polish.

  • modern shades
  • vegan
In addition, the paints are 8-FREE, which means that they are free of
  • formaldehyd
  • toluene
  • rosin
  • camphor
  • phthalates
  • parabens
  • silicones
  • organohalogen compounds
The new texture is oxygen and water permeable to protect the nails. As icing on the cake, the paints are enriched with nourishing avocado oil and biotin (vitamin H) for beautiful nails :)
Content: 9 ml
Known for having a strengthening effect on brittle nails and norturing.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to have you as our customer.

~ Love Katrin